C# Programming Interview Questions

Ques. What is .Net Framework

Ans. .Net Framework is a platform for developing different types of applications like windows,web, window services, web services etc

Ques. What is difference between java and c#

Ans. Java work on java environment and requires different IDE(like eclipse etc) and runtime. C# work on .net platform and require IDE(like visual studio)

Ques. What is C#?

Ans. C# is a Object Oriented language of .Net Framework for developing different types of applications.

Ques. What are the use of C#.

Ans. Using C# we can build different applications in .net framework like web applications, windows application, windows services, web services etc.

Ques. What is CLR?

Ans. Common Language Runtime manages the execution of .net applications.

Ques. What is MSIL?

Ans. Microsoft Intermediate Language is the code generated by the language compiler of .Net compiler which is used by CLR for execution.

Ques. What is CTS?

Ans. Common Types System have common datatypes. The lanaguage compiler maps the datatypes into the common type while generating the MSIL code.

Ques. What is CLS?

Ans. It is a sub set of CTS and it specifies a set of rules that needs to be adhered or satisfied by all language compilers targeting CLR. It helps in cross language inheritance and cross language debugging.

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