ASP.NET MVC Training Course Details

MVC Training In Pune & MVC Training In Vishrantwadi

MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. MVC is architecture used to develop ASP.Net web applications in a different manner. MVC is a standard design pattern some types of Web application will benefit from the MVC framework.

The MVC Framework provides an alternate way to develop web applications for the .NET platform. Differing from traditional Web Forms development, it facilitates code structure, total control over content generation and support for test driven development. In this course, you gain the skills to use ASP.NET MVC to build Web applications.

Program Objectives

  • To provide students with requisite knowledge and skills to enable them to pursue a career in the IT Industry.
  • To provide skill based professional training for career advancement
  • To provide the entry level and mid career professionals with concrete building blocks to create a path for full employment and successful career.

Enosis Learning Advantage

  • More than 6 Years of experience in MVC Technologies
  • Trained 500+ Students so far.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • MVC certified Professionals
  • Certified Trainers from the IT industry with rigorous understanding of specialized domain.
  • Lecture contents prepared by Industry expert
  • Live Projects to work on with IT industry standards.
  • Weekly workshop from industry experts
  • An innovative teaching methodology delivers in- depth knowledge with quality tailored programs that maximize a return on your investment.
  • Strategic Association for global certification

Program Structure

The course will have regular classroom Lectures, Practical Sessions, Seminars, Tutorials, Case Studies, Assignments and Exams.


50 Hours


Introduction to MVC

  • ASP.NET MVC Introduction
  • What is MVC
  • Introduction to Asp.Net MVC
  • Difference between Asp.Net & Asp.Net MVC
  • Why .Net Introduced Asp.Net MVC
  • History of MVC
  • Understanding MVC
  • Understanding Model in MVC
  • Understanding Controller in MVC
  • Understanding View in MVC
  • Understanding Architecture of MVC
  • Flow of MVC Application
  • Advantages of MVC

Creating MVC Application

  • Creating MVC Application
  • Understanding Linking of Model-View-Controller
  • Creating View using html controls
  • Creating Database Application using SQL Server
  • Creating CRUD Application using MVC & SQL Server

Exploring COntrollers

  • Viewdata, View bag & Tempdata
  • Difference between Viewdata, Viewbag Tempdata
  • Sending data from Controller to View
  • Sending data from View to controller
  • Controller Action Methods
  • Controller Action Method Parameter
  • Controller Action Filters
  • Controller Action Custom Filters

Using HTML HELPER Controls in MVC

  • Using Html Helper Controls
  • TextBox
  • CheckBox
  • RadioButton
  • DropDownList
  • FileUpload
  • FileDownLoad
  • Grids
  • Understanding Strongly Typed Helpers
  • Html Helper Model Binding
  • Html Helper Display and Editors Methods
  • Html Helper Viewdata Binding

Validation and Annotation

  • Model Validation
  • Unobtrusive Client Validations
  • Metadata Validation
  • Client Side Validation
  • Server Side Validation

Entity Framework and Linq

  • Introduction to LINQ
  • LINQ Syntax
  • LINQ to SQL
  • Introduction to Entity Framework
  • Creating Application using EF in MVC
  • Working with Database first Approach in MVC
  • Auto generation of Model, Controller & View in MVC Using EF
  • Working with Code first in MVC
  • Understanding Model first approach
  • Working with Code first, Database first, Model first approach
  • MVC and EF Crud Operations
  • MVC and EF Crud Operation Using BO Class


  • Understanding Areas in MVC
  • Creating Areas in MVC
  • Linking Areas in MVC

URL Routing

Layouts in MVC

Partial View in MVC

Bundling and Minification

URL Routing

JQuery and Ajax

  • Introduction to Jquery
  • Using Jquery from CDN
  • Integration of JQuery with MVC
  • Applying Jquery on the Page
  • Working with JQuery Selectors
  • Applying Jquery Validations
  • Jquery UI
  • JQuery Ajax Helper Methods Controller


  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Windows Authentication
  • Forms Authentication
  • Role Based Authentication
  • Anti Forgery Token

Angular JS

  • Introduction to Angular JS
  • Architecture of Angular JS
  • Model View Controller in Angular JS
  • Calling Angular JS from MVC
  • Working with built in directives
  • ng-app, ng-init
  • ng-model, ng-repeat
  • ng-class
  • Using ng-click, ng-disabled,ng-show, ng-hide