C# Programming Interview Questions

Ques. What are Namespaces in C#?

Ans. Namespaces are used for organizing large code projects. The most widely used namespace in C# is System. Namespaces are created using the namespace keyword. It is possible to use one namespace in another, known as Nested Namespaces.

Ques. What is an Object and a Class?

Ans. A Class is an encapsulation of properties and methods that are used to represent a real-time entity. It is a data structure that brings all the instances together in a single unit. An Object in an instance of a Class. Technically, it is just a block of memory allocated that can be stored in the form of Variables, Array or a Collection.

Ques. What are constructors in C#?

Ans. A constructor is a member function in the class and has the same name as its class. Whenever the object class is created, the constructor is automatically invoked. It constructs the value of data members while initializing the class.

Ques. What is an Interface?

Ans. An Interface is a class with no implementation. The only thing that it contains is the declaration of methods, properties, and events.

Ques.  What are C# I/O Classes? What are the commonly used I/O Classes?

Ans. C# has System.IO namespace, consisting of classes that are used to perform various operations on files like creating, deleting, opening, closing etc.

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